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High quality displayable acrilyc giftbox: A beautiful packaging clear and resistant, discover its interior velvet. With proper care your preserved Rose inside, can be conserved and displayed for months or even years. 

High quality design Giftbox, designed to wonder, becoming a displayable base ready to decorate. It also can be hung on the wall for a nice flower decor.

Bright Collection - 6 XL blooms Rosebox

  • - To clean blow air gently to take dust away

    - Avoid touching with fingers and hands

    - Do not water or spraying

    - Avoid exposure to sun or strong lights

    - Advice: once in while, place your rose in a humid room (like bathroom) to let the rose rehydrate again.

    • Our natural roses have a long lasting perfume, texture and color ensuring natural beauty for a long time. 
    • Quality is our main priority, Bird-Rose roses are grown in altitude, in high lands in Ecuador. Thanks to this our roses are great, resistant and colorful. Our commitment is to offer a natural long lasting beauty.  
    • Natural preserved rose treated with environmental friendly & non toxic products.
    • Guaranteed size of: ø 8.5 à 11 cm
    • Possibility to personalize your gift with a message.
    • FREE shipping

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